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Rapid Cook with Controls

Quick Cooking Oven
Patent Number 5,434,390

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An oven for cooking by hot air impingement includes a housing defining a cooking chamber adapted to receive a food product for cooking, a hot air plenum configured and dimensioned to hold a volume of air and a conduit for providing gaseous communication therebetween. Associated with the plenum is a thermal energy source for heating gas disposed in the plenum.

Ventless Cooking

Recycling Oven with Catalytic Converter
Patent Number 5,927,265

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A recycling cooking oven providing a substantially closed environment, includes a thermal plenum for supplying a stream of hot air into a cooking chamber and for receiving a stream of hot air from the cooking chamber, the thermal plenum maintaining a reservoir of hot air therein. The cooking chamber of the oven supplies a stream of hot air into the thermal plenum and receives a stream of hot air from the thermal plenum, the cooking chamber cooking foods therein at least partially with a stream of hot air and such foods adding oxidizable components to the hot air of the stream. A blower and ducting cause the stream of hot air to circulate in substantially a continuous travel path including the thermal plenum and the cooking chamber. A catalytic converter is disposed in the travel path of the stream of hot air, downstream of the cooking chamber and upstream of the thermal plenum, for flamelessly oxidizing oxidizable components in the hot air of the stream leaving the cooking chamber, thereby both to remove them from the hot air of the stream and to release at least some additional heat energy into the hot air of the stream.

Planar Plumes®

High-Speed Cooking Oven with Optimized Efficiency
Patent Number 8,022,341 B2

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An improved oven is aimed at optimizing heat transfer and delivering an optimal cooking efficiency in comparison to conventional high-speed cooking ovens. The oven includes tubes that generate plume arrays of a heated gas and introduce them into a cooking chamber of the oven. The tubes may be removably located at the bottom of the cooking chamber of the oven. The tubes are dimensioned for hot air impingement to tighten impingement plume arrays, subject to the space constraints of the oven’s cooking chamber. With the optimized cooking efficiency provided by the present invention, high-speed cooking technology may now be extended to ovens operating on a power supply based on a voltage less than 220 volts, preferably between 110 and 125 volts, with more productive results, so that the high-speed cooking technology may find wider applicability and a broader customer base.

Precision Impingement®

Matchbox Oven
Patent Number 8,733,236

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A matchbox oven is disclosed. The matchbox oven includes a housing, a slider, a mover and a heat source. The housing includes a cavity having a first and second openings. The mover moves the slider in and out of the cavity through the first and second openings. The heat source provides heat to the cavity for heating up any food item placed on a portion of the slider located within the cavity. The slider, which is configured to receive food items, includes multiple stoppers to serve as oven covers for preventing heat within the cavity from escaping through the first and second openings. When necessary, a portion of the slider can also be utilized as a heat sink for lowering the temperature of the cavity during oven operation.