Step-by-step, scientific approach to appliance technology development

Appliance Innovation works to improve consumers’ lives by providing step-change benefits in the appliance industry through the application of the scientific method to the process of innovation.

Innovation Process

Rapid Cook with Controls

With the creation of the TurboChef oven, AI’s McKee mainstreams the Rapid Cook segment, starting a revolution in commercial cooking.

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Planar Plumes

Planar Plumes and related advances in airflow movement materially improves commercial cooking technology.

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Precision Impingement®

Precision Impingement, with FlexTemp, makes possible nonstop cooking of items at significantly different temperatures.

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Structured Air™

Structured Air Technology brings uniform airflow and even, hotspot-free cooking to all food items prepared in Vector™ ovens.

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Uses and Markets

Global Adoption of Technology

Technologies developed by Phil McKee and his teams are used the world over, so that each day millions of meals are cooked in ovens that came to life under his inventive guidance.

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Fast Food • Casual Dining • Fine Dining
Commercial • Corporate • Institutional
Global Brands • Regional Chains • Mom & Pop

Innovators and Leaders

Be Prepared for a Paradigm Shift

From senior management to the talented heat transfer specialists, sheet metal fabricators, and technology experts, Appliance Innovation is a cultural phenomenon. Generation after generation of global commercial cooking breakthroughs emerge from its Dallas headquarters.

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